Prevention of diabetes Retinopathy

Prevention is always better than cure, however, you can’t always prevent diabetes Retinopathy. By getting a regular eye checkup, control on blood sugar levels and blood pressure and early prevention for vision problems can avoid severe vision loss.

The following are a few ways to prevent diabetes Retinopathy in people with diabetes.

-          Manage your diabetes – Have a healthy diet plan and regular physical exercise as a part of daily routine. Follow the medication suggested by the physician.

-          Monitor your blood sugar level – keep a regular check on your blood sugar level per day the frequency increases if you are ill or under stress on the suggestion of a physician.

-          Glycosylated hemoglobin test – This test reflects your average blood glucose level for a 2-3 months period before the test. The ideal test result is 7%.

-          Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control – By maintaining healthy food, regular exercising and excess weight loss can be helpful.

-          Quit Smoking –  It increases your risk of various diabetes complications which includes diabetic retinopathy.

-          Monitor vision changes – Keep regular checks on your vision and consult a doctor if       you experience any sudden vision changes like blurred, spotty or hazy vision.

People with diabetes need to maintain healthy levels of the following to prevent diabetic retinopathy:

               ·         blood pressure
               ·         blood sugar
               ·         cholesterol
Other ways to prevent or manage the condition include the following:
              ·         Quit smoking.
              ·         Regular exercise as per the suggestions from your healthcare team  
              ·         Regular eye checkups.


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